Spring Rowing

Spring Rowing Registration

Concord Crew Novice 8 in Saratoga

Concord Crew Novice 8 in Saratoga


Our spring season runs from the third week of March until the first week of June. Practice is every weekday from 4:00 pm until 6:45 pm as well as a practice session on Saturday mornings. Saturday morning practice times are determined by the coaching staff and will be communicated to our athletes and parents when the season begins (and are subject to change).

All novice, or new rowers, will be required to pass a swim test before you get out on the water. Arrangements for the swim test will be made during the first week of practice.

Regattas, where our athletes compete, usually start in mid April for the spring season. We compete most weekends during the spring. The schedule is available on the Regattas and Events link of this site. Traditionally, all competitions, except an overnight trip for competition in Saratoga Springs, NY, are within commuting distance to Concord NH.





Are you a returning athlete?

Do you want to help grow the team?

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If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, check out our new recruiting incentive program! 



Registration Fee:

The spring 2018 registration fee is $520.00. This fee is payable to Concord Crew. It enables us to provide a quality rowing experience for our athletes and to defray our day to day expenses. These expenses include; launch registration, fuel, regatta registration fees, transportation reimbursements, coaching compensation as well as many other day to day expenses.

Seasonal Hospitality Fee

When you register your athlete for rowing with Concord Crew we also charge a Hospitality fee. This value is calculated based on the number of meals needed at regattas and is the same per regatta as in the fall. This money allows our Hospitality Committee to purchase food to feed our hungry rowers and their families. This is per family not per rower. You will only be charged one fee for each season even if you have more than one rower registered (What is Hospitality?). The Hospitality Fee this season is $90.

In order to simplify back-end accounting and cut down on confusion these two fees will be combined at registration into one fee. This also allows the family to spread out the total cost into installments if they wish as well.

Online registration is provisional. You cannot register for spring season if you have outstanding fees from the fall.

US Rowing

US Rowing is the National governing body for the sport of rowing in the United States. Each of our athletes need to be a US Rowing member in order to row with Concord Crew.  US Rowing membership expires after one year. If you or your athlete has previously registered as a US Rowing member within the current year at the Championship level you will not need to register when registering for spring rowing.

Concord Crew requires all rowers to register at the Championship level which is $45. Additional information about membership is available at US Rowing here: http://www.usrowing.org/join

Important Dates

Concord Crew Women's Varsity Quad

Women's Varsity Quad

Registration opensMonday, February 19th 2018
Registration closes and payment deadlineMonday, March, 27th 2018
Start date for varsity (experienced) rowersMonday, March, 19th 2018
Queen City Ergatta - indoor rowing competitionSaturday, March 24th 2018
Start date for novice (new) rowersMonday, March, 26th 2018

Registration in Three Steps

  1. Review the Friends of Concord Crew Handbook
  2. Sign up for a US Rowing Waiver (mandatory)
    • Go to US Rowing: https://membership.usrowing.org/individual/join
    • Enter the athlete's last name and birth date. If it can't find the athlete it will prompt you to create a new profile.
    • Enter club name as Friends of Concord Crew
    • When prompted for our club's code, enter our club code: FCKPY
  3. Complete registration and payment at Regatta Central, at Friends of Concord Crew. Payment and financial aid request instructions are online.
    • Parents of returning athletes should login. Parents of new athletes should click the Join link to create a Regatta Central account.
    • Click Programs and scroll down to Friends of Concord Crew
    • Click on Spring Spring season and register your athlete.


Novice (new) Athlete?

Once registered, please go to Concord Crew Group on facebook to get added to the crew Facebook page. Important dates and deadlines are posted there.

Team at the 2014 Concord Regatta

Team at the 2014 Concord Regatta

Registration Deadline

The deadline for registration and payment is March 27th. Registration includes all three steps above. Athletes who have not completed all three steps will be required to attend practice but will not get on the water until registration is complete.


For questions about crew, contact Head Coach Jay Printzlau jay.printzlau@concordcrew.org

If you have questions about registration contact our Registration committee at registration@concordcrew.org.

Financial Aid

The cost of crew is high, and we are constantly working to balance the requirements for equipment, operating expenses, and fees passed on to our rowers. The board has been working to respond to changes in the rowing world and in the needs of our members. Since our founding, we’ve offered need-based assistance to area families who are financially challenged to get their rower in a boat.

This year the program is being improved to serve our membership more equitably. If your family needs help paying registration fees you will have the opportunity to apply for aid at the time of registration. Based on the number of applicants, the available funds, and the level of need expressed, we will be awarding selected families a percentage of the registration fees. Unfortunately, there is no assistance available for US Rowing or Hospitality Fees.

In the past, we’ve struggled with how to fairly administer this program. We would like the plan to be self-regulating, with each family making the decision to apply or not, based on their own, unique situation.

If you apply, and are awarded a scholarship, you should expect to make a significant contribution to the success of the organization through volunteer participation in all crew events, both on the water and off. Families will be expected to complete a predetermined number of volunteer hours participating in activities such as helping set up and tear down after regattas, install and remove docks, upkeep at the boathouse, volunteering at fundraising events in addition to selling the required number of wreaths in the fall Wreath Campaign. This is not intended to be embarrassing, punitive, or to publicly name those who receive scholarship in any way. Scholarships will still be a confidential agreement between the scholarship committee and each family. The idea is to make sure that those who are awarded scholarships are fully engaged in the organization and contributing in some way other than financial. It’s hard work to keep this boat afloat.

Families interested in applying should review the plan guidelines and fill out the online form here after registration opens.