Recruit a Friend!


Concord Crew needs your help! Every year, Concord Crew has a need to recruit new rowers to keep the team going…and rowing…strong!

The good news is, we have an extra incentive for you to go out there and bring a friend to join the team.


All rowers/athletes must be in good standing. This means that they must be fully/currently registered with USA Rowing and Concord Crew, including all tuition payments made (or payments on time) and subject to no disciplinary actions.

Contest Rules

Awards will be given as a progressive award for each rower recruited.
Recruited rower is defined as:

A new team member who hasn’t been a member of Concord Crew in at least
the last 2 full seasons, or is completely new to the team.
Has fully registered for current season, made full tuition payments and is under no disciplinary action.



Prizes only awarded after recruited rower meets above criteria.

All prizes are not available for sale and are only EARNED for recruiting!


First Rower Recruited - $25 gift card to OR Concord Crew compression T-Shirt

Second Rower Recruited - Additional $25 Gift card OR Long-sleeve Concord Crew Compression T-Shirt

Third Rower Recruited - Concord Crew Track Suit with name embroidered

Each Additional Rower Recruited after 3 - $50 cash for each additional rower recruited. (no limit)