Concord Crew Training at Camp Bob

Eat, Sleep, Row.

These words are Camp Bob Cooper’s motto and that's what we do when we travel to South Carolina during February break. But it's so much more. It provides a huge step forward in rowing proficiency, a great opportunity to get to know your teammates, and it's one of those incredibly demanding experiences that you worry about before you go ('can I do it?') but are incredibly proud of when you leave ('I did it!). Find anyone who traveled in the past for confirmation. 

Quick link to registration:, Friends of Concord Crew. Payment is via Credit or Debit card or Check. If paying by check, please mail to: Friends of Concord Crew, P.O. Box 1781, Concord, NH 03302-1781

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Concord Crew girls ready themselves to head out

Concord Crew girls ready themselves to head out

A summer camp located in Summerton, SC owned by Clemson University, open for “spring training” rowing (

Who’s Going?

Any Concord Crew or Hollis Brookline rower who has completed at least one full season! Plus coaches and chaperones.  We need a minimum of 45 athletes to make the trip a reality.


How Much?

The cost is $800*, nearly all-inclusive (athletes pay for one inexpensive dinner out during the trip).

A deposit and three payments. All payable via Regatta Central.

PaymentAmountDue On
Payment 1$183.0012/10/2016
Payment 2$183.0001/10/2017
Payment 3$184.0002/10/2017

Financial aid is not available for the trip this year, as Friends of Concord Crew needs to direct its limited financial aid funds to ensuring access

Relaxing between workouts

Relaxing between workouts

to the fall and spring crew seasons.


Where will I Sleep and Eat?

The fee includes a full week of dormitory-style lodging with team member and chaperones, as well as three meals per day provided by the Camp.  Athletes may supplement with their own snacks; athletes with dietary restrictions may and should plan to bring their own food.


How will I Get There?

The entire Concord and Hollis/Brookline group will travel together by Amtrak – the ticket cost is included in the fee. Coaches and chaperones will accompany the group on the train.

When is it?

Our Camp Bob Cooper trip corresponds to the High School's Winter Break in February. This year it is Friday, February 24th through Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

How do I Sign Up?
Register today at $250 deposit due by November 14, 2016.  The balance is due by February 10, 2017 payable in installments by check or credit card.

All money will be refunded if for any reason the trip does not go forward. Deposit is not refundable for athlete cancellation if the trip is going forward (deposits are used to pay for tickets and

Coxes record times and provide coaching for rowers on Ergs

Coxes record times and provide coaching for rowers on Ergs

fees not refundable to Concord Crew once we receive them).

Need More Info?

Contact Coach Jay Printzlau at

Have questions about payment or registration for Camp Bob? Conatct

*The increase over the last Camp Bob trip is due directly to increases in lodging and travel fees.